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Export Documentation

No matter what a company is exporting or to where it is exporting to, generally a certain amount of paperwork is involved and the documentation required varies depending on what is being exported and to where. This can sometimes present difficulties for exporters whether they are experienced or doing so for the first time
In Ireland, the only official designated authorities for the issue of certificates of origin are the local Chambers. This service is available to all businesses in Ireland at a reasonable cost.
At present, there are 41 local Chambers in Ireland that are legally approved to authorise EU certificates and Arab certificates of origin.
Why do you need export documentation?
A certificate of origin is a document that proves the place of growth, production and manufacture of goods and is required by most countries to:
Meet customs requirements in the importing state;
Show evidence of proof of origin to claim preferential rates;
Meet ‘quota’ requirements imposed by the importing country;
Comply with banking requirement (when payment is by letter of credit)
For further information please contact Brian on:
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There is an on-line facility for processing both EC and Arab Certificates of Origin and other export documentation. This facility is provided in association with TradeCert.com and enables our customers, after purchasing the certificates from our office, to print out Certificates of Origin with the Kilkenny Chamber stamp. Using this system negates the need to bring your certificates to our office and means certificates can be easily edited in the event of mistakes being made.
To avail of our export documentation services:
Complete on Indemnity Form and return it to Kilkenny Chamber, The Maltings, Tilbury Place, Kilkenny


Contact Tradecert.com : www.tradecert.com

Arab Certificate of Origin

Arab Certificates of Origin are required when exporting from the European Union to any country in the Arab league. Arab League countries (Algeria, Bahrain, Djibouti, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen). When exporting to Arab League countries a stamp from the Arab Irish Chamber is also required. For more …

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EU Certificate of Origin

EU Certificates of Origin are required when exporting from the European Union to any country outside the European Union expect Arab league countries. 1: Guidelines for Completion of EU Certs of Origin Box 1: Consignor (Irish Exporter) Full name and address required. The Consignor must be based within the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland and must be registered …

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EUR1 and ATR Certs

Applying for EUR1 and ATR Certificates Documentation for Preferential Origin To enable their customers in the country of destination to benefit from the terms of the preferential agreement, exporters must furnish a certificate of origin for products, which qualify for preference under the agreements. The evidence of origin required under the arrangements can vary. The …

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