Certs of Origin

If you are exporting to a country outside of the EU, there is always a certain amount of paperwork involved. The documentation varies depending on what is being exported and to where.

Certificates of Origin

A Certificate of Origin is a document attesting that goods in a particular export shipment are wholly obtained or produced or manufactured or processed in a particular country (country of origin). Virtually every country in the world considers the origin of imported goods when determining what duty will be assessed on the goods or, in some cases, whether the goods may be legally imported at all.

Kilkenny Chamber is the sole organisation in Kilkenny who is authorised to issue Certificates of Origin. You do not need to be a member of the Chamber, but you must register with us before any documentation can be certified. Preferential rates apply to Chamber members.

Certificates of Origin are intended solely to prove the origin of goods in order to satisfy customs or trade requirements.  Certificates of Origin should only be issued when they are actually needed, for example, in the following circumstances:

  • To meet customs requirements in the importing state
  • The customer/buyer/importer (consignee) requires it
  • To meet ‘quota’ or statistical requirements imposed by the importing country
  • To comply with the banking or trade finance requirements/letters of credit

The main forms of Certificates of Origin are:

European Certificate of Origin
Arab-Irish Certificate of Origin

Companies can now apply for Certificates of Origin online via www.esscert.com. This allows companies to make considerable savings in both time and resources.

A Letter of Indemnity 
An undertaking of indemnification is needed with respect to the information provided by company – this must be renewed at least every 2 years

The applicant company agrees to abide by standard rules and indemnifies the chamber against inaccuracy of documents or misleading information

An indemnity form must be completed on the company’s headed notepaper and it must be signed by an authorised officer or legal representative of the company. 

List of Authorised Signatories
The applicant company should advise Chamber (by letter on headed notepaper) of the names of staff members who will be authorised to sign applications for Certificates of Origin.  The applicant company should keep Chamber updated as to any changes in authorised signatories. 

Certificate of Incorporation
Chambers can only certify documentation for companies that have a registered office in the Republic of Ireland. A Chamber may request evidence of incorporation from the applicant company.

Preferential Certificates of Origin (EUR1 and ATR Forms)

The European Union has concluded trade arrangements with certain non-EU countries that allow exports from the EU to enter the markets of these countries at a reduced or nil rate of duty. They also allow imports from these countries into the EU at a reduced or nil rate of duty. These arrangements are known as Preferential Trade Agreements and the duties involved are referred to as preferential rates of duty.

For information on Preferential Certificates of Origin (EUR1 and ATR Forms), please contact the Irish Revenue Office.

Arab Irish Certificates of Origin

The Arab Irish Chamber of Commerce is responsible for the checking, certification and legalisation of commercial documents for the Arab markets. The Arab-Irish Certificate of Origin should be used for the 19 Arab countries represented by AICC. The Arab-Irish Certificate of Origin is issued by the AICC directly to its members and is also distributed through the local Chamber network throughout Ireland for non-members. JA-ICC Certificates of Origin must be certified by the AICC following completion by the exporter. When there is a requirement for certificates and other documents to also be legalised, the AICC will arrange this with the relevant Arab embassy. The Certificate of Origin is required for the following reasons:

•    It is a legislative requirement of the importing Arab country
•    To comply with Letter of Credit or banking requirements
•    It is proof of origin for importer
•    To meet customs authorities requirements

Certificates of Origin can be accepted in Arabic and French. If your certificate is in either of these languages, please provide an English translation.

For further information on the import requirements of the Arab states represented by the AICC, please refer to the AICC website: www.aicc.ie 

Non-members: Certificates of Origin can be purchased directly from your local Chamber of Commerce. All documents must be stamped by your local Chamber before submitting to the AICC.

A.T.A Carnets

Dublin Chamber of Commerce is the national guaranteeing association for ATA Carnets for Ireland. Cork Chamber of Commerce is also able to issue these documents.

ATA Carnets are used for the temporary export of three types of goods to any of the other 69 signatory countries to the ATA and/or Istanbul Conventions.
1.    Commercial Samples
2.    Goods for Trade Fairs or exhibitions
3.    Professional Equipment

For further information on ATA Carnets, please contact Dublin or Cork Chambers of Commerce. 

Click here to visit the Dublin Chamber website.

Click here to visit the Cork Chamber website.

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