Arán Artisan Bakery and Bistro was born out of the desire to make delicious dishes from local, seasonal produce available to everyone. The dishes are like the weather – they can change from day to day depending on what’s in-season, and what local producers have to offer. Bart and Nicole are not bound by one single menu or one single concept. They are constantly experimenting with local ingredients, to ensure that their creations are fresh and distinctive. Featuring ingredients harvested from local resources not only speaks to their freshness, but also allows Arán to be a contributor to the wider community.

The highlights of the bakery is their awe-inspiring pastries, and fresh sourdough bread. The team of bakers produce at least 8 different types of bread a day using the Sourdough method. Currently we are a bakery, offering sourdough bread, pastries and savoury pies and take away cafe with a brunch menu.
We are normally a sit in restaurant and will be once restrictions lift. Along with everyone we’ve had to learn and adapt with what COVID-19 has brought us. The most challenging part for our business was switching our business model to bakery and take away.
Tell us about your business and what is the best part about it..
We have been in business almost 2 years and we have been members of Kilkenny Chamber since that time. We employ 18 people.We love doing business in Kilkenny, the locals make Kilkenny a great place to do business. There is also a lot of great food producers in and around Kilkenny which makes it ideal for us as we want to work with local producers to get the best and freshest produce available. One of our owners lived here before and felt comfortable moving back and opening a restaurant here as it felt like a second home. We also love the tourists, and the medieval climate that the council has managed to keep. We love our local, happy customers. It’s always great to see local, happy faces, both our regular customers and new people. We love working with the local suppliers and being able to have a farm that helps to supply our restaurant.

What is your favourite thing to do or see in Kilkenny..
I love seeing the medieval round tower at St Canice’s Cathedral. I also love to visit the local farmers markets, especially the Artisan Farmers Market at Mountain View, Ballyhale