John Hurley, CEO, Kilkenny Chamber, Niccola Alicandri, CBO, CipherTechs, Deirdre Shine, President, Kilkenny Chamber & Laurence Conroy, General Manager CipherTechs

The Kilkenny Chamber of Commerce along with CipherTechs EU, a global, full service, cyber security firm, held a free informational seminar on network security this past Thursday, September 29th at Pembroke Kilkenny.

CipherTechs CBO, Niccolo Alicandri and General Manager, Laurence Conroy presented on the topic of “how to best optimise your security budget while maximising your security posture”. The seminar was well received with over 40 in attendance. Guests learned about the types/methods of attacks targeted by industry, network security tools and trends, types of information exposed to hackers, how to determine gaps in framework, and the price for not being prepared.

Niccolo Alicandri said of the event: “The Kilkenny Chamber of Commerce event brought us folks from many different business verticals all who are in different phases of implementation of a Cyber Security strategy.  With the new EU legislation, and a ticking clock to implement an effective plan, the timing of the event was excellent and thus very well attended.   I look forward to future events and opportunities to present to the local business community.”……Read More