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Yesterdays.ie is unashamedly inspired by the style and elegance of gentler times. An ever changing collection that offers ornate Victorian accessories, 1930’s style American craft pieces through to art-glass Tiffany lamps, interwoven with Arabian inspired lights for an exotic flavour. You can delve into the pages and discover long forgotten styles, explore the beauty and colour of Yesterdays and in doing so, be inspired to find your own unique style and taste.

It is impossible to fully explain what Yesterdays is. It is an ever changing purveyor of beautiful pieces inspired by the past, always searching for that lesser known piece, seeking out craftsmanship and designers with imagination and passion for colour, texture and style. The shop is a collection of gifts, home accessories and style items; An invitation for you to capture the essence of classic and exotic styles in your home. Interchange, update each season and create your own unique style – the choice is yours!