EU member states COVID-19 measures

Covid Employer Refund Scheme FAQs and Revenue Guidance

COVID19 Social Welfare Payments

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Please find attached a series of key documents with some further information regarding Covid -19 ;

A Chamber Factsheet Document on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and Social Welfare Payments – this document gives a summary of social welfare payments available for people:

1.With no work or reduced hours

2.Who are sick or who are looking after someone who is sick

3. Who cannot work because they are looking after children

  1. Employer Refund Scheme FAQs from the Department of Social Protection. Further information is available here –
  1. On behalf of Chambers nationwide, Chambers Ireland Chief Executive Ian Talbot also met with the Minister of Business, Enterprise and Innovation, Heather Humphreys today and covered the following issues:
    1. Social Welfare payment of 203 euro which can be claimed.
    2. The need for continuity of business and consultation on new measures.
    3. The need for rates relief.
    4. The need to do “whatever it takes” as other countries are doing.
    5. Need for INTREO centres and Local Enterprise Offices to be fully briefed.
    6. Need for CRO to look at its rules around AGMs, filing of accounts and related areas.
  1. A list of measures put in place by the other member states of the European Union.
  1. Please also find attached a PDF of the Social Distancing poster from the HSE. You may have noticed a Social Distancing system in place at the Department of Health press conference last night, see link for same below.


  1. For further information on Covid-19 please see