Start Date: The course will begin on Thursday, 30th April.

  • Duration: The programme will have 10 sessions/modules, which will each run for 60 -75 minutes and be delivered over a three week period, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • Delivery Method: The college plans to deliver its sessions online using Zoom and to stream the sessions live to YouTube. Each session will allow for live participation and will also be recorded and available for participants to review and use as a resource in their own time
  • Should you wish to participate, please register your interest here: https://content.griffith.ie/reboot-your-business
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Chambers Ireland, in association with Griffith College, have launched a FREE online business planning course for all their members across the country.  The course, which is open to all our members, will address key concerns of businesses across the country, including cash-flow, crisis management and flexible working practices. This course will assist you to develop plans to reboot your business ahead of re-opening after the Covid-19 crisis. This course will be of particular benefit to business managers and owners in adapting to these changes.

Entitled Reboot your Business – through your Business Development Plan, this programme will see industry experts lead a series of FREE workshops to assist businesses build their skills during this crisis. There is also an optional mentorship and business plan development component at the end of the course.

Griffith College, with campuses in Dublin, Cork and Limerick, is Ireland’s largest independent third level institution with over 40 years’ experience of preparing clients for successful careers. The college’s business and graduate business programmes in finance, marketing, data analytics, change management, logistics and supply chain management are managed and staffed by expert practitioners.


Each session will cover different aspects involved in creating a business development plan – industry analysis, competitor analysis, internal evaluation, financial, market performance, logistics, etc.  These sessions will be supported by key inputs in areas of particular concern to participants, such as – digital marketing, communication, cash flow and more.

Participants will also be directed to other useful business resources on the College’s online platform and to relevant business support resources available nationally. The college’s online platform will provide a one-stop resource centre for participants across a wide range of business topics – e.g. marketing, HR, finance, data analysis, logistics, etc.

Please find below the schedule and start times of Online Workshops as part of the Course:

Session 1 – Thursday, 30th April | 10.30am | About my business, where am I now? Where am I going?

Session 2 – Tuesday, 5th May |  10.30am |  What do I want to develop?

Session 3 – Wednesday, 6th May | 10.30 am | How am I going to develop my business post-COVID 19?

Session 4 – Thursday 7th May | 10.30am | What resources do I need for my business development plan?

Session 5 – Tuesday, 12th May | 10.30am | How will I pay for the resources I need?

Session 6 – Wednesday, 13th May | 10.30am | Who I need to bring along with me?

Session 7 – Thursday, 14th May | 10.30am | How do I protect my business and the people I work with?

Session 8 – Tuesday, 19th May | 10.30am | Will I have to change my business and how do I make it happen?

Session 9 – Wednesday, 20th May | 10.30am | How will I tell my customers?

Session 10 – Thursday, 21st May | 10.30am | Staying Strong, Staying Well in Business – My Re-Booted Business Development Action Plan


What is required to get the QQI Level 7 qualification – Certificate in SME Management – by a participant?

As mentioned above, there is also an optional mentorship and business plan development element to this course. Participants who wish to avail of the QQI qualification – Certificate in SME Management – are required to submit a business development plan for consideration by Griffith College’s Business School. This involves;

  • A written report detailing the business development plan / project (3,000 words)
  • An overview poster outlining the key points / actions that are proposed to support a 15-minute oral presentation of their plan

Do you have to avail of the mentorship to gain accreditation?

Participants do not have to avail of a mentorship, but for successful completion of the business development plan, it is reasonable to have someone with expertise in their chosen area of development, to act as a reviewer, guide and sounding board. To gain accreditation, participants will have to submit and present their business development plan to Griffith College’s Business School for consideration.

Mentorship Costs

As mentors are businesses themselves they will need to be compensated for their time. This is approximately €500 per business. (Part of this cost may be subvented – please enquire at admin@kilkennychamber.ie )


Registration for this course is essential – to register your interest, click here: https://content.griffith.ie/reboot-your-business