Value Centre is the only Wholesale Cash & Carry in Kilkenny. Our mission is to offer our customers an excellent service and broad range of products at competitive prices.

We value our customers and their input into how we do business, recognising today’s business world is constantly evolving and changing.

Our goal is to continually improve our offering through excellent communication and service. We cater for all business, from Retail and hospitality, Licensed Trade business to Canteens, schools and offices.

At Value Centre Kilkenny, we continuously strive to develop our business in line with the needs of you, our business partners; through constant improvement is our range, our promotions and pricing, our customer service, staff training and our high standards in branch.

As a business partner of Value Centre Kilkenny, you can enjoy the benefits of a free delivery service, on-line ordering platform, telesales support, industry expertise and advice, promotional support, exceptional value and a friendly and professional service. If you are an existing customer, we would like to thank you for your continued support, and if you are a potential new customer we would be very happy to welcome you to our Cash and Carry.

We have been in business since 1974.We have being servicing the needs of the business community in Kilkenny City and County for nearly 50 years from our current location in Hebron Road Industrial Estate. We have been a member of Kilkenny Chamber since 2006. We have benefited greatly through my association with Kilkenny Chamber, it has provided a great platform for me to promote our services and products to the greater business community, and it has facilitated business to business introductions and has been a fantastic source of information as to local event and initiatives.

We employ a team of 12 highly experience and dedicated people locally with the further backing of a fantastic support team in our BWG Foods head office.

What do you think makes Kilkenny a great place to do business? This is a hard question to answer, not because it is difficult to come up with a reason why Kilkenny is a great place to do business but because there are so many things about Kilkenny that are great. Our geographical location and roads network make us so accessible from all parts of the country. There are no shortage of business premises available in Kilkenny, large and small, old and new, there are a variety of sites to meet the needs of any business. The new Abbey Quarter currently under construction in the heart of the City will provide even more space and opportunity for Kilkenny businesses.

We have a proven track record in attracting high profile businesses such as Glanbia, Taxback, State Street plus many more.

The above a just some reasons that spring to mind when I think of what makes Kilkenny a great place to do business in, but for me it must be the people and the city itself. Not only is there a huge talent pool to draw people from, but there is a fantastic sense of community and pride in the city. I firmly believe that a business is only as good as the people that work in it.

The City is steeped in history, with an abundance of sporting and leisure amenities and activities. There is a European City feel to our streets during the summer months as tourist from home and abroad flock to sample the unique culture, our many festivals  and hospitality that Kilkenny has to offer.  I love the quote, “Kilkenny is the place where people come not only to make a living but to make a life.”

Over the last year how has business been for you… We are no different to any other business; the last year has thrown up more obstacles than opportunities. Whilst we remained open and continued to provide the same service to customers that required it, the closure of hospitality during lockdowns has impacted on our business but it has also given us a chance to make improvements in store and train staff, examine and improve our product range. With the country and businesses starting to reopen in the coming weeks, I believe Value Centre Kilkenny are now better placed than ever to meet the needs of new and existing customers.

What is your favourite thing to do or see in Kilkenny… I think lock down has given us all a greater appreciation for what we have on our own doorstep. Over the past year or so I have really enjoyed becoming reacquainted with my surrounding and bringing my own two daughters to places I frequented in my own childhood. We really are blessed to live and work in such a beautiful part of the world. I hope and believe that as the country reopens, our local communities will support local businesses in a safe manner, I certainly look forward to the day when I can go into town for a meal with my wife, or right all the wrongs of the world, with friends in my local.