Mediation Scheme

If Irish businesses used alternative dispute resolution mechanisms to solve disputes, they would be more efficient and more competitive. Chambers Ireland believe that mediation, in particular, is good for business and we want to get the message out to businesses of all sizes that if they use mediation to solve their commercial disputes, they will not only save on costs and resources but they will also be more likely to protect and retain their business relationships.

In 2015, Chambers Ireland launched the Business and Commercial Mediation Scheme. This service has been developed by a cross section of bodies including the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, the Law Society, the Bar Council of Ireland and the Mediator’s Institute of Ireland. The initiative is also supported by the Courts Service of Ireland.

Provided both parties are willing to mediate, all kinds of business disputes can be resolved through mediation, including for example;

* Boardroom disputes
* Contractual disputes
* Debt resolution
* Defamation
* Negligence
* Partnership disputes
* Shareholder disputes

If your business has a dispute and you would like to use mediation to resolve it, contact Chambers Ireland on 01) 400 4300 or email

For more information on the initiative or on mediation more generally,  CLICK HERE