Irelands Medieval Mile- Kilkenny What is Ireland’s Medieval Mile? Ireland’s Medieval Mile is a tourism proposition aimed at increasing Kilkenny’ s appeal to overseas visitors. The Medieval Mile links Kilkenny city’s main historical attractions stretching from St. Canice’s Cathedral to Kilkenny Castle including St. Kieran Street and Rose Inn Street. Who developed the mile? The concept was developed by Destination Kilkenny and Fáilte Ireland in collaboration with Kilkenny Local Authorities, Kilkenny Tourism and local businesses.Why was it developed?. The proposition has been developed to appeal to the burgeoning cultural tourism market identified in Fáilte Ireland’s latest consumer research. The new brand will aggregate the significant historic and cultural offering in Kilkenny and support an ambition to encourage visitor’s to stay longer, spend more and visit often. Is it only relevant to businesses on the mile? No. We are asking all businesses to support the brand. The Medieval Mile is an ingredient of Kilkenny’s wider tourism offering. The concept provides the “hook” to present Kilkenny in a new and meaningful way to overseas visitors. Once we can attract interest in Kilkenny it allows us to further present all the other attractions and activities that Kilkenny offers. Can I get a map showing Ireland’s Medieval Mile? Yes. On Kilkenny Tourism website you can down load the Kilkenny Heritage map which highlights the Medieval Mile. Will visitors know they are on the mile? We are asking businesses to adopt the brand on their signage as well as exploring how they can animate the brand within their business such as in window displays and on menus. Is there a website for Irelands Medieval Mile? Information for visitors is available on Kilkenny Tourism website here- Why should I get involved? The brand presents the opportunity to grow new business into Kilkenny and enrich the economic and historical fabric of the city. The objective of our messages is to create awareness and encourage people to book their next trip to Ireland’s Medieval Mile, Kilkenny. How can I get involved? Through bringing the brand to life on communications, print literature, display stands, public way finding, websites and presentations. As each message builds the brand, we are contributing to promoting Kilkenny’s rich heritage and culture. The brand artwork and guidelines are available on Kilkenny Tourism’s website. We will also be asking businesses on the mile to help us develop Medieval Mile “experiences” for overseas visitors. Details on how to develop visitor experiences is available from Fáilte Ireland. Im not on the mile– can I use the brand? Yes. As above, if you are not on the mile you can support the brand in your communications. Also, display stickers have been developed for businesses supporting the Mile and are available from Kilkenny Tourism. Where can I find out more about the brand? The brand guidelines and artwork is available to download on Kilkenny Tourism website. For full E-version News letter click on the below link E-version Newsletter one Irelands Medieval Mile